St Luke's Church, Heywood


Statement Of Access


We welcome everyone to our Church and include anyone who is disabled for whatever reason, their families and friends. This statement is intended to cover the whole church and it is written help you know what can be expected of our building and our practices.

Church Access

Church Services are held every Sunday at 9.15am. Services are also held on special religious days and these are advertised in the Monthly Parish Notice sheet. In addition, the Parish Notice sheet also contains details of forthcoming Baptisms, Funerals and Weddings, together with church social and community group.

Church events include coffee mornings, fairs, the 1940s Weekend, Heritage Weekend, the switch-on of the town’s Christmas Lights. Tea, coffee and refreshments are also served the 9.15am service on Sundays to which all are invited.

If any member of the public wishes to view the Church or use it for private prayer, outside the normal opening times, arrangements can be made with the Vicar whose Telephone contact number is displayed on the Noticeboard outside the front entrance of the church.

There is no Church car park but there is ample free and unrestricted parking on the Civic Centre car park and also the Market car park. There are two major entrances to the Church: one is on

Church Street and the other is on York Street. There are steps leading up to the doors with a handrail on each side to assist access. We also have an access ramp which is situated on Church Street and runs alongside the West end of the Church to the main entrance on York Street. Each access point into the church consists of two doors that make up the entrance. They open inwards and are always open when services are held. A Sidesperson will be in attendance, to accommodate wheelchair or pushchair access. The area inside the doors is clear and readily accessible.

The seating in the nave of the Church itself is of Victorian wooden pews. There is plenty of space at the front of the nave for people who use wheelchairs. Plans are being prepared for Disabled Toilet facilities to be installed as soon as finance is available.

The Church is fitted with an induction loop system for the benefit of hearing aid users. A public address system is used for all services.

At various times during services the presiding minister will invite the congregation to stand. You are most welcome to remain seated if this is more comfortable for you or is necessary in your circumstances. There are four steps up to the main altar. There is no edge marking. Someone who may find this difficult to see may find an escort useful. A Sidesperson will be pleased to assist. It is our practice to bring Holy Communion to anyone who may prefer this because of difficulty in climbing the chancel steps or for other practical reasons. Please let a Sidesperson know if this would be useful to you

Church Letting

Any application to use the Church facility for Community Groups or private family events must be made in writing to the Vicar and is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Letting Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from the Vicar or Parish Church Council. The Church retains the right to refuse such application, if for example, it is a political party with extremist views, or its use would not be appropriate in a place of worship.


We hope that you will have found this statement to be of help.

We would welcome practical solutions for improving access to and within the church.

Please contact either the Vicar or the Parish Church Council for any further information.

Mrs Allison Bamford 

The Parochial Church Council

August 2018

The Voice Choir Sat 6 July 24 - see Events Page